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Belvedere bb
Cel: (385) 91 48 56 520

Lidija Ivanda, MA producer, is general manager of the Production Company for film and theatre Ars septima d.o.o. and an co-founder and art director of the Art organization of Teatar Erato.
She produced documentary film Children’s Kingdom, part of which was included in the official curriculum in Croatian secondary schools.
For many years she collaborated with the Croatian National Television on several feature and TV films.
She is a member of Film Artist Association, Musicians Union, Association of Drama Artists and Producers Association In Croatia.
The production of theatre play Judith French was awarded for best leading actress on all major festivals in Croatia and by the Croatian Association of Drama Artists, and also got an award for best original score. Films released:> -A co-production of “Srečen za umret” (Good to go, 2012. directed by Matevž Luzar) an award-winning film, including one audience award and even 5 Vesna awards, shown at the recently ended Festival of Slovenian Film in Portorož. - “Lea i Darija” (Lea and Daria, 2011. Directed by Branko Ivanda) is a featurelength film, a winner of several national and international awards (3 Golden Arenas, 2 Special Remi Award2 – IWFF Houston, Coup de coeur - Cine Jeune, Special Jury Mentioan – Jewish Eye). After the distribution in Croatia, the film is going to be shown in Slovakia and the Czech Republic (the distributer is Ruth Diskin Films, Izrael).
-a documentary film Dječje carstvo (Children’s Kingdom, 2010. Directed by Branko and Nikola Ivanda), which was included into the secondary school curriculum. - projects under development: - a feature-length film Lizards (Gušteri) - a feature-length film “Sunce” (The Sun) (based on Ivan Aralica’s novel, script and direction by Branko Ivanda) - a feature-length film Anđeli (Angels) (based on Merite Arslani’s novel) - a TV series – romantic comedy, a scriptwriter and director is Zrinka Matijević

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