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[title class="title1" icon="ico-user5" type="type2"]Sanja Garić[/title]

Over 25 years of professional experience in teaching various academic disciplines:

University level instruction in drama, rhetoric, film, and academic writing

Research in Film, Drama and Literary Semiotics;

TOEFL/IELTIS/TOEIC Preparation courses

Teaching advanced writing skills for academic purposes, including curriculum development and design;  

Translating prose and poetry;

Creative writing, play directing and production;

Presenting and publishing papers in film and literary semiotics in Canada, the United States, and Europe.


Teaching university level and academic preparation courses


Over 15 years of experience in curriculum development, teaching classes and language labs, and administering exams for courses in academic writing and rhetoric, drama, and film.

Over 7 years of experience teaching advanced academic writing for international ESL students and TOEFL/TOEIC/IELTIS courses including curriculum development, placement assessments, exam preparation, and evaluation;




Research in theatre and film discourse;

PhD research in semiotics of film and theatre;

MA research in literary semiotics (dialogue studies);

ESL acquisition: phonic-sensory techniques using verbo-tonal methods of second language acquisition


Writing and Directing


Wrote three feature length screenplays including a family genre screenplay, “The Boy and the Flute,” which was short listed as the only Canadian screenplay to be presented to a New York agent;

Wrote, directed and co-produced a puppet play for children, “The Silver Branch,” which premiered at the Flexible Theatre in April/May 2005;

Published academic papers in film and literary semiotics, dramaturgy and language acquisition;


Interpreting and Translation


Translating books of prose and poetry;

Translating legal and personal documents;




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