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[title class="title1" icon="ico-user5" type="type2"]Stanislav Matačić[/title]

Applied  Psychoanalysis,  Psychoanalysis and Culture,  Psychoanalysis and Cinema
Wrote, lectured and discussed in public extensively about psychoanalytic approach to Cinema
Consultant for Croatian Cinema at biannual European Psychoanalytic Film Festival , British Institute of Psychoanalysis and BAFTA, London, UK
Paricipated actively at epff's with 4 Croatian films and its directors 2009 - 2013.
Worked as a professional consultant in various theatre productions and on film

Faculty of Medicine, University of Zagreb, Croatia - graduated 1987.
Residence in Psychiatry, Clinical Hospital Center Zagreb, Clinic for Psychological Medicine  - graduated 1993.
Specialisation in Psychotherapy, CHC – CPM,  Zagreb 2000-2001.
Postgraduate study in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, University of Zagreb 1992/3.

Training  in  Psychoanalysis : 
PIEE (East European Psychoanalytic Institute) Han Groen Prakken 1996-2005 
SPI Institute Cesare Mussati, Milano, Italy, 2000-2004
Dutch Psychoanalytic Institute, Amsterdam 2010-2012, Training for trainers

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