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[title class="title1" icon="ico-user5" type="type2"]Darko Lukić[/title] 

Ph. D., theater scholar, playwright, and novelist, Born: Sept. 8. 1962.


Full time professor at Academy of Drama Arts University of Zagreb, department of production, and guest professor at Faculty of Phylosophy University of Zagreb - doctoral studies of theater, film, litarature and culture. EDUCATION: BA in comparative literatutre and philosophy, MA in dramaturgy, and PhD in theatrology. Also is certificated TQ trainer, and e-learning course designer.


His education and training includes Tisch School of the Arts - New York University, Institute for Theater Anrthropology - University of Copenghegen, European Academy for Culture and Management in Salzburg, and many seminares, workshops and educational trainings in Euriope, USA, South America and Asia.


As a guest professor worked at Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz (Austria) - Institut für Slawistik. As a teacher also worked (lecturing, teaching and leading workshops) in Brazil, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Croatia, France, Germany, Italy, Romania, Slovenia, USA, United Kingdom and Venezuela). His professional experience include postions of: aritistic direcor of drama theaters like National Theater in Sarajevo, artistic director and mannager of Theater &TD in Zagreb, positions of Vice Dean and Deputy Dean at Academy of Drama Arts University of Zagreb.


International cultural collaboration and cooperation: President of Council for international and EU cooperation Ministery of Culture of Croatia (2012...), member of Performing Arts Council City of Rijeka (2012-2015) Member of expert group of Council of Ministers of Culture South East Europe, 2013., Member of Programing Board of manifestation “Maribor, European Cultural Capital 2012” (2010-2013), member of Jury for Prize “Jovan Hristic” (2011.), member of European electoral council for prize “Premio Europa” (2009), Member of Committee for International Collaboration, City Council Cultural Department, City of Zagreb (2005-2006), cultural politics: Member of Jury for “Marko Fotez” prize for theatrology Croatian Academy of Science and Art (2008), President of Board of Municipal Theatre “Gavella”, Zagreb (2007…), Member of Board for Theatre and Festivals of Ministry of Culture Republic of Croatia 2001-2004, President of the Theatre Board, City Council, City of Zagreb 2002-2005), Artistic Adviser for Cinematography Ministry of Culture and Croatian Television 2006-2008, Artistic adviser for Cinematography at Croatian Film Centre (2008).


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