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Sanja Rocco, MSc, is a lecturer at Zagreb School of Business as well as Head of Marketing Department and Department of Cultural Management and Production. She holds several courses (Promotion, Product Design and Development, Creative Thinking, Brand Management, Design and Innovation Management, Visual Communication). She graduated  architecture at the University of Zagreb and finished her master degree in the field of marketing at Zagreb Faculty of Economics and Business. She has a long career in visual communication design. Sanja also has been actively involved in the promotion of design profession, as vice-president of International Council of Graphic Design ICOGRADA (today ICO-D), as director of the International graphic design exhibition zgraf 8, as a member of international juries for design competitions and as an initiator of numerous projects. She has won several national and international awards in design, including Merit Award at the 78th ADC Annual, New York (co-author T. Bratelj). Her work has been published in numerous publications (PRINT European Design Annual 2000; AREA: 100 graphic designers / 10 curators / 10 classics, Phaidon 2004; Umjetnost uvjeravanja / The Art of Affirmation, MUO 2006; Vukić, Margolin: Hrvatski dizajn sad / Croatian design now, UPI2M 2009). She is the member of professional design associations ULUPUH and HDD.


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